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The Plant Wizard utilizes a three-fold approach to growing healthy attractive plants and lawns. He teaches an overall soil strategy. It  only makes sense that the soil is where plants look for their sustenance. First, add minerals and release those bound up in the soil. Second, inoculate soil with beneficial microbes, and activate those already making a home there. Third, collect subtle energies, and focus them in a manner utilized by plants.
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 The only choice when lakes, streams and wells are of concern.

       A More Natural & Healthy Landscape

Wizard Plant Naturals offers lawn and ornamental plant services that emphasize natural nutrition and pest solutions. 

The Wizard's homemade plant vitalizing products are unique and natural. They are created through the same processes that were utilized by alchemical wizards through the centuries. It's not magic... just science that modern day conjurers have abandoned. The wizard knows what plants prefer. Who better to care for them, than one who completely and magically understands plants? After all... he actually spent time as a plant???

Happy lawns and landscape plants thrive upon a soil alive and teaming with beneficial microbes. These microscopic critters are diminished by conventional fertilizing. They whither in the presence of synthetic chemicals, and thrive when fed natural foods. A large population of diverse soil microbes ensures a bountiful supply of the nutrients that plants can readily absorb. The best way to feed grass and ornamental plants is to vitalize the soil. The Wizard's Way brings soil to life, and creates a vast pool of "plant available" nutrients. Plants know much better than humans what they want and need. Give them an opportunity to choose their favorite foods from a revitalized soil.

Healthy lawn and landscape plants are rarely attacked by insects and diseases. This has been proven by scientists and wizard's alike. Well-fed plants are happy, and resistant to problems. Additionally, weeds find it difficult to compete when shaded by lush, healthy foliage. Healthy ornamentals and turf crowd out weeds.

When insects and pathogens make intervention necessary, the least toxic solution is always the Wizard's first choice. A large number of remedies are natural. Many are fermented, brewed, and mixed, in house, by the Wizard and his apprentices.

The Plant Wizard, although a "Tree Hugger", understands that natural is nothing without results. Wizard Plant Naturals utilizes every natural product and method imaginable to grow amazing plants and turf. Natural and non-toxic remedies are always the first choice. If synthetic product is required, it can be applied in a manner that does not threaten wildlife and humans.

By contracting Wizard Plant Naturals to care for your lawn and plants, you are taking steps to make the landscape more natural and healthy... without compromising results or the natural environment.
There is nowhere in the world quite like the Grand Traverse region, where water flows all around us before finding its way into the Grand Traverse Bay. Gardening is a noble pursuit, but what goes onto plants and soil can end up in lakes, streams and water tables. We should all do our part in protecting Northern Michigan's water resources. Wizard Plant Naturals balances plant health with water quality through the use of unique equipment, innovative methods, and bio-rational products. 
 The best service choice for plant nutrition and healthcare.
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