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  • Can I mix chlorinated city water with Minerals & More?
    Yes, not a big deal, but chlorine is not a great addition to your plants. The best solution is to fill a container with water, exposed to air for about an hour. Chlorine will escape into the air, leaving water your plants will like.
  • Can Minerals & More be used in hydroponic systems?
    We have not labeled Minerals & More for this use, and cannot recommend it. If you choose to try it, please let us know how it goes. We have wanted to find the time to try this for years.
  • What is a "natural" fertilizer? What is "organic"?
    Marketeers have made this very confusing. "Organic" means that the compound contains carbon. Poisonous dioxin and PVC pipe are organic. They contain carbon. We could go on... There are many "natural" fertilizers that are useless, because the ingredients are in a form unavailable to your plants. We won't go on... Your plants are asking for common sense. Give them a product with nutrients available for their use. Give them a product that works with soil the way Mother Nature intends, Give them Minerals & More.
  • What ingredients are in Minerals & More?
    Minerals and More has many natural ingredients and one essential outlaw component that cannot be claimed as natural. It is also infused with important plant growth "intent". Large factories cannot do this.
  • Where can I buy Minerals & More?
    Minerals & More can only be purchased online, on the Wizard Plant Naturals Website. It is made in small batches, alchemically. Large factories cannot do this. We cannot mass produce, to supply retailers. When we reach a maximum production capacity, doing it our way, there will only be a certain amount available, each season.
  • Why does Minerals & More have no phosphorous?
    Minerals & More does not contain enough phosphorous to claim on the label. We have used it in soil-less container mixes that have no phosphorous, with great results. There are ingredients in M & M that release locked up reserves of phosphorous in outdoor soils. Phosphorous is known to produce flowers and buds. The enigma is that Minerals & More produces prolific blooms and buds, with no phosphorous on the label. It is a mystery to us too...
  • How should Minerals & More be stored?
    Minerals & More should be stored in a dark cool place. It should be used up during the season it is purchased. You will find that M & M has no glug in the jug. There should be no crud settling to the bottom of the jug. Any sediment can be easily shook into solution and is small enough to pass through spray nozzles.
  • Is Minerals & More "natural"? Is it certified organic?
    No. There is one ingredient that cannot be claimed as "natural" and cannot be certified as "organic". It is essential to Minerals & More and has been utilized for hundreds of years, gathered by hand. It is now produced using processes that take away the "natural / organic" claim.
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