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Servicing Leelanau & Grand Traverse Counties

"Earth Friendly Magic for Trees & Landscape Plants"

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Plant Health Care for Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

Thank you for considering our plant health care company, and the unique, high quality services, we provide. Wizard Plant Naturals services Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties. If you contract with our company, expect timely service and responses to your questions and concerns. It is important that we work together. Large trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials, all have their unique challenges. We will work with you to create great plant growing environments, but when necessary, can usually intervene with appropriate "earth friendly" remedies.

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   Who we are   &   What we do  


This is the crew. We are small in number, but experienced, efficient, and dedicated to quality. Zach and Mark share the plant applications. Kyle takes care of the billing, book keeping, and administrative "stuff". Buck contributes very little, but does liven things up with his canine antics.

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  • Our claim to fame is the licensed, proprietary liquid fertilizer that we make, called "Minerals & More".

  • We also provide plant health care applications for trees and landscape plants, to remedy harmful insects, diseases, deficiencies, and more. A natural or the least toxic remedy is the first choice.

  • Many application methods are utilized, including: Soil Injection, Foliar Sprays, Trunk Sprays, Trunk Paints, Trunk Injection, and Soil Drenches.

  • We have many years of diverse work experience in the plant care industry....not saying how many.

  • There is never a charge for estimates. or to look at plants that concern you.

  • If we can't definitively diagnose the plant problem onsite, samples are taken to the shop. The Wizard Plant Naturals office is set up with microscopes, diagnostic equipment, and technical references. If that doesn't do it, there is always the Michigan State University Plant Diagnostic Lab.

  • Monthly bills are sent out the 21st of each month, for work completed. A renewal proposal is sent out in February, with a prepay discount offer.

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Foundation Services

Wizard Plant Naturals has many protocols, remedies, and recommendations to improve your trees and landscape plants. We also have many solutions that rescue plants from damaging insects and pathogens.  However, Soil injected Minerals & More Fertilizer and the Flowering Plant Program are the fundamental tools that we use to grow healthy plants that resist problems.

Fertilize Your Plants with "Minerals & More" Liquid Fertilizer, proprietary and also licensed for packaged sale...we make it: 

Dry ingredients, most natural, are added to Leelanau well's cooked, decanted, and filtered. Of course, there is more to it. This liquid product is soil injected right to the roots of needy trees, shrubs, and perennials. Minerals & More was more than a dozen years in the making. Expect dark green leaves with tight internodes, more blooms with deeper pigment, more fruit......and, of course, there is MORE!

Vitalize your plants. Call to schedule the "Flowering Plant Program" for your landscape plants. The program includes a soil injection of Minerals & More Fertilizer. Plants will start Spring happy, and prepared to face a long growing season. Six timely foliar sprays take it from here ( five are compost tea ).  Our Tea contains billions of beneficial microbes, cold brewed with air and secret microbe food. Once sprayed onto foliage, these friendly microbes chase away the bad ones and deter insects. Well brewed tea smells like freshly dug soil. Care for your plants with a program that "Mother Nature" approves of.

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"Earth Friendly Magic for Trees & Landscape Plants"

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Free Consultations
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   Free Estimates



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