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Cannabis Loves Minerals & More 

Cannabis is a different conversation than that communicated to all of the other plant growers.  Yours is a different industry. You are focused, intense growers. We have worked enough with Minerals & More to know that special results can be achieved....results that don't exactly make sense. Please check out the testimonials below. Does it make sense that first time grower, Charles Wilson, could use Minerals & More throughout his entire grow, start to finish? Looks like he had some pretty good results??? We also know that you aren't happy unless you are spending a ton of money nurturing your plants.....can't help it that Minerals & More is so affordable. 

We have a lot more to learn about how to grow cannabis using Minerals & More. WPN is excited for this. Try it, and let us know the "more" that you discover.                                                      * We can say this,,,,keep an eye on those trichomes.

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