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Best natural organic plant fertilizer, best results
Best natural organic plant fertilizer, best results

"More" results are not measured by the percentages in the "Guaranteed Analysis" section of the product label. Higher numbers do not indicate that the product is a better plant food. Numbers don't tell you if the fertilizer will leach away from hungry plant roots. Numbers don't tell you if the ingredient is available to the plant Numbers do not tell the entire story.

For good reason, regulatory agencies protect consumers by preventing manufacturers from claiming more than they should. Components must reach a minimum level to be claimed. This keeps product components off the label.  Likewise, manufacturers may not choose to make public, certain ingredients. There are reasons for secrets. This also keeps product components off the label.

There is more to Minerals & More. There is more in the container, and there are more results than can be legally claimed. 


This is some, of why you must try it, to discover the "more".

Minerals & More info, better plants, more blooms, healthy.

"Minerals & More" Liquid Fertilizer

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Unique alternative natural organic plant fertilizer.
Great savings natural organic marijuana plant fertilizer.
Licensed and Approved for Sale!
49 States to go...
Introductory Offer!
30% OFF 

Fifteen years in the making. Minerals & More is not your standard garden center or ag fertilizer. It is a very special, specialty fertilizer. It is not manufactured in a large factory. Factories cannot duplicate it.... but they would like to. Minerals & More is sold direct, and is only sold online. 

Minerals & More makes anyone into a happy plant grower. 
Try it & Spread the Word!
Let's bring it to the remaining 49 states and all of the folks who struggle to grow plants. Let's bring it to those who like a little mystery in their plant growing. Discover "The More"!
Benefits features advantages natural organic fertilizer.

Minerals & More Liquid Fertilizer

Minerals & More Liquid Fertilizer promotes vigorous growth, both above and below ground, developing vital plants with more roots, strong stems, tight internodes, dark green leaves....and ultimately, abundant buds, blooms and fruit. It is shelf stable with no glug in the jug. It does not plug spray nozzles. 

Minerals and more is prepared in relatively small batches, with plant happy intent infused into each gallon. Large factories cannot do this, and it is important to this product. Why are home made cookies so much better than factory made cookies? Intent is important. Why do ten bakers given the same recipe and ingredients, end up with ten different cookies....some good, some better, some great? It is intention.

There is more to Minerals & More than the label explains. Try it to discover the "more".

Find out more about Minerals & More natural organic fertilizer
Best natural organic marijuana cannabis fertilizer.
Benefits features advantages natural organic fertilizer.
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